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30 ML 

The oil-containing facial serum withCamellia seed oilandCamellia extractnourishes the skin and can prevent wrinkles, pigment spots and dryness. The camellia extract it contains is particularly rich in antioxidants, which has been proven by clinical studies. The Oil Serum can protect the skin from the negative influence of free radicals. Camellia seed oil stimulates collagen synthesis, which is particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin. The combination of oil and moisture helps the skin regulate the hydro-lipid balance. 

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  • Oil serum lighter than oil, nourishes more than a serum or lotion
  • fine scent of ethereal jasmine– andRose oil
  • absorbs quickly without sticking or shining

Camellia oil and extract come from the UNESCO-protected islandJejuin Korea. Here, Sandawha harvests and processes the natural products using patented processes so that the active ingredients are preserved.

The rich oil serum with oil content is recommended for:

  • recurring feeling of dryness and/or dryness wrinkles
  • Disturbed ratio of moisture and oil in the skin
  • low amount of oil or too much shine (combination skin) of the skin

Application : Before applying onecreamSpread a small amount of the moisturizing serum on the cleansed face and neck and pat in lightly. One pump is usually enough. Also ideal as a moisturizing night serum. It is best to use the serum in the morning and evening.

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